Body Wraps

Clay or Algae Body Wrap ~ $125   90 mins.

It is best to receive an exfoliating body scrub under the Vichy shower or sit in our steam sauna  before the wrap. This allows the warm water and steam to enhance your relaxation and your pores will open up allowing your body to absorb the most nutrients and antioxidants. This additional body exfoliation service is only $40 and 30 extra minutes. The steam sauna is $20 for 30 extra minutes.

Next your body will be painted with warm mud, algae or whichever mixture you customize. A warm towel will be placed under your neck and your extremities will be wrapped in warm towels and plastic wrap material. Finally, you are covered with sheets and blankets. You will relax in a candle lit room listening to soft music for 30-45 minutes as your body reaps the benefits. You are then unwrapped and the falling warm water from the Vichy Shower gently rinses off the body mud.

After a rinse and body scrub from the warm vichy shower, it is recommended to receive a light full body butter massage to lock in the moisture. Please ask about our massage therapy pricing.

Clients are more comfortable wearing a two piece bathing suit during this treatment, bringing an extra pair of underware, or disposable ones can be provided. You will be draped with a towel the entire time and Spa robes and slippers are provided. 

Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap ~ $100   75 mins.

Prepare to spend one peaceful hour relaxing. Your skin will first be exfoliated with a dry brush to help remove environmental toxins, product and dead skin cells to allow for maximum absorption of the Body Contour Cream. You will also get to take the brush home with you! Contour cream will be applied to desired area. You will be wrapped evenly with plastic wrap to create even pressure as it helps contours and shapes the tissues. You will spend 60 pampering minutes in the wrap before having it removed. Any excess will be rubbed in.

How to prepare for the body wrap? It is best to drink a lot of water and do not apply any lotions or creams before your body wrap. Wear loose, comfortable clothing or bring a two piece bathing suit.

This is not a weight-loss wrap but an inch-loss detoxifying wrap. Inch loss is permanent  if you avoid putting harmful toxins back into your body, are following a healthy eating program, implementing exercise and drinking half your body's weight in ounces of water daily. A 30 min. steam sauna session is recommended to lose excess water weight before the body wrap. It can be added to your session for only $20.

Body Scrubs

Exfoliating Body Glow ~ $50 for 30min

Our invigorating salt or sugar exfoliation will refine and improve your skin texture. This effective formula increases circulation to let skin breathe will removing accumulated residues and skin impurities. After a rinse under the warm lay down Vichy Shower, it is recommended to receive a light full body butter massage to lock in the moisture. Feel free to bring a two piece bathing suit or extra pair of underware for the shower. You will remain covered with drape towels during the service.

Scrub of your choice includes Lavender Jasmine, Green Tea Mint, Eucalyptus Spearmint or Tropical Mango and Coconut to name a few. We can even create your customized scrub in a jar to take home with you so you can have soft and supple skin all week long!